How do we support small businesses ?

In this COVID Pandemic, NeuralOrbit provides endless support to grow small businesses at no cost.


Get the Problem & Collect Data

We frame the problem and collects the relevent data and run our analysis algorithms to know exectly what's wrong going on with your business.


Work on solutions

After Framing and data collection, our best teams looks for the specific solutions and try to eliminate the problems we found after our analysis.


Grow your business

On our last step, we already have solutions, stratigies, and we know exectly how we are gonna grow your business like never done before.

Small business support

How to get started ?



Contact us and ask for small business support.


Discuss your business

Our team will meet you to discuss your complete business.


Get help

We'll setup online store / mobile app, digital marketing, as required.


Grow your business

Now you're all set to grow your business online.